Everyone has an opinion.

Our opinions are based on what we see, hear, read or experience.  The truth is that many (or even most) of us are seeing, hearing, reading or experiencing the wrong things – at least from the perspective of a biblical God.

Western civilization has an historical base.  This base consists of three foundational pillars, which have supported our great societies.  They are family, government and church.  According to the Bible they were established in the above order  (check out Genesis 2:24; Genesis 9:6 and Acts 2:42-45).

The problem is that in today’s spiritual economy the second pillar (that of the government) has grown larger and larger as it has steadily taken over the responsibilities of the other two pillars.  In robbing the roles of church and family this middle pillar, the government, has itself become nothing more than a corrupt shell which, without the support of family and church, could (and probably will) topple at any moment.  As someone wrote “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

One ought to keep in mind that America historically is a Christian nation.  Statistics show that about 70%+ of us consider ourselves as followers of Christ (ie Christians).  Why in the world have we allowed a vocal minority to force the majority to abandon the God of the Bible from our public and other institutions?  “Separation of Church and State” actually means “Separation of Government from family and (the Christian) church.”  Face it!  Thanks to our ruling class elite, the Bible, Christianity and the Constitution have been trashed along with the role of the traditional family.  The door has been opened to allow the minority (ie religious cults, atheism and hedonism) to gain power over our Christian heritage right here in America.

Bible Talking Points exists in the hope that the current dilemma can be eased by the return of our founding principles which were based on a strong family, the Constitution, and the Bible.  It is a tract ministry based on tracts written by one who is foolish enough to think he can make a difference.


One Response to OUR MISSION

  1. dtie62 says:

    Pastor Pete,You did make a difference for everyone who came in contact with you !

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