This section covers the entire Bible.  The author decided at one point to write at least one tract for each chapter knowing full well that most, if any, would never even be looked at by anyone but himself.  But that’s okay – he did it for himself – but is hereby making it available to anyone who might possibly be interested.

One way to examine the Bible is by general content.  When one takes it as written, there are seven general divisions as listed below.  The first division is the LAW – the last the LETTERS.  The tracts are listed by chapter.  Some chapters have more than one session.  They are designated by the letters a, b, or c  after the chapter number.  Some short chapters or some of the shorter Psalms are combined into one tract.

The talking points are often repeated as one goes through the Bible.  The same talking point show up in each division quite often.  Probably the most common and the most important talking point throughout is this one:

“With God two is a   Majority !

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