About Tracts

Bible Talking Points is an old-fashioned tract ministry.  In today’s world, thanks to the Internet, we get a lot of information fast.  It seems that much of this information has been streamlined to match the current world point of view rather than the biblical view. It’s one reason we see turmoil everywhere we look. This site exists to help small (non professional) church groups  return to the biblical view without the services of  today’s  “professional” religious guru.

The tracts come in two forms:  with answers and without answers. They can be made up by printing both sides and folding it in half.  When conducting a Bible study session the leader has the tract with the answers the others have the tracts without the answers.  These can be used for Sunday school, Bible studies, special events, such as marriage, or even church sermons.  For sermons one probably ought to do a little extra preparation.  It works well to have someone read the scripture and the leader to lead the discussion relating to the “Talking Point”. This works great in small churches. The talking points are at the grassroots level and not intended to be deep theological studies.  They exist to stimulate interest and conversation.

These tracts were done solely by one old man who most would deem at least half nuts.  It took a lot of time and effort and there are a lot of silly little mistakes and rash blunders.  Please forgive me — God has.

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