For Romans 13

February 12, 2012 

(Romans 13:1)  “Let every soul be subject to the authorities of government.”

That is from the Peshitta (Aramaic) New Testament.  Romans Chapter 13 is a tough road especially if one is looking at the federal government of the United States of America today. This preacher has avoided this great chapter for several years of preaching basically not because he didn’t believe what was written – he just didn’t like what it said.

The Peshitta has a great footnote concerning this chapter which I will now read:

The false Church system twists this verse so that Christians will submit to the authority of false governments who in turn support the false religious hierarchies. In reality, Paul makes this statement in the context of (God’s) Commandments in (God’s Law).

(Exodus 23:2a) “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong…”

If the “majority” allows evil men in “government” and within “the church” to go unpunished, the evil becomes punishable upon the majority. For example, democracy is thought to work by way of the vote, but in reality democracies are easily manipulated by power hungry minorities who control media, ballot boxes, polls and “public opinion.”

When the majority fails to act against evil, the hierarchy continues to further enslave it’s victims (citizens). Many are discovering that what they believed to be a Democratic government thrives on “double think” by putting forth an archetype (religious tradition or legislation by “majority” that “sounds reasonable” but is certainly not truth) and markets its theologies and laws as though it is a collectively inherited or accepted ideal.  This is extremely high level rebellion against (God) and must be prosecuted or all of humanity will suffer.

(Exodus 23:2c) “ do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.”

We must never fear evil men, decline to them, or pretend evil will go away on its own. Pray, speak and act against all manner of evil.

(Matthew 22:21)  “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

When Caesar demands for himself what is rightfully God’s, it is time to be rid of Caesar.  One can tell when the time time has come:

  • …when life has been terminated (in the womb) prematurely ?
  • …when a country’s Christian heritage has been stolen away ?
  • …when the sanctity of marriage has been perverted ?
  • …when money is taken by force and redistributed ?
  • …when worship of cultic gods has been encouraged ?
  • …when demonic Czars have been appointed to power ?
  • …when ungodly (perverted) lifestyles have been encouraged ?

There are progressions. Most of you gave heard of “Pilgrim’s Progress”.  In government there seems to be a “Satanic” Progress.  It starts off with a Bible-based Constitutional Republic (moves to a) secular (godless) democracy (moves to a) clueless mob rule led by #44.

So let’s look at today’s chapter !

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