Opening Prayer

(for all counties of Nevada)                                                  June 20, 2012, at Pioche, Nevada 

According to the Bible effective prayer has at least three elements.  These are:

                                        Praise and Thanksgiving
                                        Confession                   and
                                        Supplication or Requests                                               

And so we’ll do our best to cover those bases !                                                      Let us pray:

Lord we praise You – the God of the Bible !   Our Creator !  Our Redeemer !  Our Keeper !
The Founding God of Our Nation !  We thank You for allowing us the privilege of living in this great nation which has never been equaled in all the countries the world has ever known !  You have brought us exceeding prosperty and allowed us to be the most benevolent of all nations ever.  We are proud of our nation and of You, our God, who made provision for such a great nation.  We also thank You for giving us your Word – the Bible – and our great Constitution !  Thank You Lord from the bottom of our hearts !

We confess right now to You, LORD, that, in the exercise of our individual and collective rights, we have undermined the moral fabric and fiscal integrity and sullied the Constitution of this great nation !  We have allowed our professional economists, politicians and theologians to bring us to the brink of disaster !  This morning we stand on that brink ! In the exercising of our rights in this and previous generations we have made potential slaves of all the generations who will follow us !  We have strayed far from our Christian roots !  We hereby confess these sins and ask your forgiveness !

And now God we ask for a miracle !  A miracle that could begin right here in this group meeting today in our little town of Pioche !  There was a time Lord Jesus that you took five small loaves of bread and two little fish and with them fed five thousand men and their families and had leftovers.  Lord we ask for such a miracle to begin here today !  That You would stretch the financial resources that are available to this group - to be able to fill the needs of each of our counties in such a way as to have leftovers.  We ask You to oversee our moral and fiscal restoration that You could again be glorified and honored in our cities – in our counties – in our states – and in our great nation – as You once were !

We  pray these things in your precious name – Jesus Christ – Yeshua Ha-Meshiak – the God of America !  Amen !

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