This is the taboo section.  In today’s world preachers are not supposed to engage in discussions about politics and politicians are not supposed to talk about religion. 

First let me say this – Christianity has nothing to do with religion.  Christianity is a Bible-based saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  Religion is nothing but man trying to work his way up the ladder by doing good works.  The nation Israel tried that all through the Old Testament days – it never happened.  The Bible tells us that salvation comes only by the Grace of God through the Gospel.  It was religion that called for the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly – Politics is nothing more than man trying to work his way up the ladder of success by bilking the taxpayer with whatever enticements that can be dreamt up.  These enticements are never successful.  Meanwhile the country goes further and further into debt as the costs get higher and higher.  The politician exists to rake off whatever power and money he can get by doing this.  He will eventually get what he deserves – a well-deserved eternal home in hell.

The preacher knows of households that disallow any discussion of politics or religion within the their walls.  Other households have allowed the problems of daily living to exclude such discussion.  Entertainment of all kinds has taken our minds and our voices off into some sort of LaLa Land.  What a tragedy for our country!

The result can be seen on television wherever one turns – except for maybe a dozen channels out of hundreds. Another result is a population of self absorbed clueless mobs of people stumbling through life with no real purpose other than eating, drinking, going to work, partying, sleeping, pottying and finally dying. Is this what life has become? This author believes that it has for most. The Wall Street Protest Movement pretty much personifies what has just been written.

This website exists in the unrealistic hope that others will find another pathway other than the one listed above. It offers a different perspective – one that used to be in our once great country. God Bless the reader.

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