Post Election Comments

We’ve just re-elected the most corrupt Satan inspired President we’ve ever had since the founding of our country. One might make the following observation – perhaps from the perspective of a biblical God. If we are still a Christian country, maybe it is better to have a President who is obviously an enemy of Christianity and one who hates the God of the Bible – than a President who could very well be a counterfeit Christian – albeit a republican and who this pastor voted for. A defineable enemy is easier to deal with than one who is undefineable. At least now Christians can have a rallying point against an obviously godless leader – possibly leading to a nationwide revival.

As a result of the above dilemma many republican leaders are now trying to broaden the base which is the worst possible solution.  Our country was founded on family and Christian principles.  Broadening the base of the party that is supposed to stand for these principles will do nothing but undermine what few decent values the RNC has retained. Ronald Reagan was the only Honest-to-God Conservative Republican President of my generation. He was also the most successful politician. Why? – Because he refused to compromise with the Clueless Mob which is exactly what the RNC is now seeking to do!

Another point to consider is that most conservatives have tried to protect our children and our grandchildren from the horrendously enslaving debt that this 44th President has exponentially increased in his first four years. And yet it was this very generation that we are trying to protect that has ushered in – by their vote - four more years of insanity. Well – that bed has now been made – let them reap the consequences of their clueless action.

If you are interested you might want to read “Why IAP” in this section.

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