Our Constitution (1)

The arrogant elite have pretty much run our great nation into the ground.  We have been told that we – non professionals – are too stupid to comprehend this great document.  The same holds true for the Bible.  This author is not a professional although he does hold a BS degree in Logging Engineering – a politically incorrect ex-profession.  This entire website stands against the idea that documents like the Constitution and the Bible have to be spoon fed to us by way of books written by Ivy League type academics or preached to us by self proclaimed Hollywood experts, liberal politicians or pharisaic theologians.  It is time to rip apart that veil of arrogance that covers these great works and take them into our own hearts and minds just the way they were intended by their great authors. 
Understand that these talking points exist only to stimulate thought or conversation!
Please excuse the typos – the sarcasm – and the irony!                                         Pastor Pete

PREAMBLE                                                     With Answers                      Without Answers

ARTICLE I  The Legislative Branch

       Sections 1 and 2                                       With Answers                      Without Answers

       Sections 3 and 4                                       With Answers                      Without Answers

       Sections 5 through 7                                With Answers                      Without Answers

       Section 8                                                    With Answers                      Without Answers

       Sections 9 and 10                                     With Answers                      Without Answers

ARTICLE II  The Executive Branch

       Section 1                                                    With Answers                      Without Answers

       Sections 2 through 4                                With Answers                      Without Answers

ARTICLE III  The Judicial Branch

       Sections 1 through 3                                 With Answers                     Without Answers

ARTICLES IV through VII                            With Answers                     Without Answers

SURROUNDED BY INSANITY                    With Answers                     Without Answers

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