Who’s “Right”?

(Ecclesiastes 10:2)  The heart of a wise man inclines to the right but that of a fool to the left.


Regarding Christianity:  Christianity is just like any other religion – a crutch for weaklings.  It has no place in American politics and definitely no favored spot.  In fact America would be better off without this “religion”.  Our President must stand in the place of God.  Salvation (if any) is found only in the good works of true liberalism.

Regarding Islam:  Islam is a true religion.  It is a legitimate pathway to heaven.  Allah is a god of peace to be respected.  This is a kind and tolerant system and should be given every courtesy our country has to offer – perhaps even replacing Christianity.  The building of mosques is to be encouraged – especially close to our national shrines.  Sharia law is a viable option to our Constitution.  America must accept Islam with open arms.

Regarding Prayer:  Public prayer is a high crime unless done on a rug facing Mecca.  Except for Islam America is now a secular country and as a secular country prayer must be outlawed not just in the government environment but in all public places with the exception of the church.  Any reference to God (of the Bible) is a violation of the judicial ruling of Separation of Church and State.


Regarding Christianity:  Christianity is not a religion – it is a soul-saving relationship with Jesus Christ who is God manifested as the Son.  Christians are tolerant of other belief systems (or atheists) but still proclaim the Gospel of the Bible as the only way to salvation. Our President cannot save anyone.  America was founded on Christian beliefs.

Regarding Islam:  Islam has all the earmarks of a cult (i.e. a way to work your way to heaven). This system is like a cancer stealthily eating away at healthy tissue.  Christianity and Judaism are not tolerated in Islamic countries.  Missionaries, converts to Christianity, or those who inter-marry are usually stoned to death when caught. A Muslim can get to heaven by killing an infidel (any non-Muslim). This system has no place in any freedom loving country.

Regarding Prayer:  Voluntary prayer is acceptable anywhere so long as it is done in a non-disruptive manner (a rug in the middle of the street facing Mecca is disruptive.). The Christian conservative believes that outlawing open prayer in the government strongholds such as the Public School System has led to the extreme violence we now regularly see in those places.

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