For Ecclesiastes 3

December 2, 2012

This morning we find ourselves in the Book of Ecclesiastes. For those who may not know, we, at Bible Talk Church, go through the Bible, on Sundays, systematically section by section. We start off with a chapter from the Law, then to the history, to the poetry, to the prophets, the Gospels, the early church and the letters. Today we are in the poetry. As we get closer to Christmas we may deviate from this schedule for a week or two.

The cycle number is seven which incidentally is the number of completion. The Bible history of the earth begins with the seven day creation in Genesis and ends with the seven vials of God’s wrath in Revelation prior to the Millennial Reign of Christ and then the New Jerusalem.

Last Sunday we were in the book of 2nd Samuel which is in the history section – so today we move into the poetry section. There are five books in this section – Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon. King Solomon wrote these last three books and one of the Psalms. The word “Ecclesiastes” means to address an assembly. The book is really an indictment of the theory of evolution. In this pastor’s view it approaches human existence apart from God and creation – at least until the last two chapters.

It is written to convince mankind of the futility or uselessness of any world view which does not rise above the horizon of man himself. Atheists love this book – except for the last chapter or two – and quote from it regularly. While God is mentioned elsewhere in the book – we’ll see that this morning – salvation and eternity are ignored. God has given us, in the Book of Ecclesiastes, the record of all that human thinking and godless religion have ever been able to discover concerning the meaning and goal of life. The arguments in the book, therefore are not God’s arguments, but God’s record of man’s arguments.

Solomon searched the length and the breadth of the land trying to find peace and purpose. He tried human wisdom, pleasure, alcohol, building projects, parks and gardens, sex, wealth, world power, cattle breeding, music, literature, military power, and who knows what else. Basically he determined that all this stuff was meaningless. You and I have tried some of these things and – guess what – without God he is right. When we finally come to that realization in life, we either get saved and become Honest-to-God Christians – or – we become part of the Clueless Mob.

This morning, in Chapter 3, we will see Solomon arguing some of these things with himself as he pens the words. The talking points hopefully will introduce the concept of salvation.

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