From the GOSPELS

Abortion Seeds  (Matthew 2)
Beatitudes  (Matthew 5a)
Bearing Fruit  (John 15)
Best Prayer  (John 17)
Born Again  (John 3)
Clueless Mob  (Luke 19b)
Confidence Placed  (Matthew 19)
Comfort-Real  (John 14b)
Corruption  (Mark 9b)
Demons and Pigs  (Mark 5a)
Disciples Called  (Luke 5a)
Disciples Named  (Luke 6a)
Elitism’s Folly  (Luke 16b)
End Times  (Matthew 24b)
Gospel Prelude  (Mark 8b)
Healing Challenge  (Matthew 9b)
Heavenly Wealth  (Matthew 6b)
Honest-to-God Christians  (John 5a)
Incarnation  (John 1a)
Jesus at Twelve  (Luke 2b)
Jesus Baptised  (Matthew 3)
Jesus’ Birth  (Luke 2a)
Jesus’ Identity  (John 5b)
Jesus’ Identity  (John 6b)
Jesus Teaches  (John 3)
Jesus Teaches  (John 7a)
Jesus Tempted  (Matthew 4)
John the Baptist  (Mark 6a)
John the Baptist  (Matthew 3)
Lineage of Jesus  (Luke 3)
Lineage of Jesus  (Matthew 1)
Ministry Launched  (John 1b)
Ministry Launched  (John 2)
Miracles  (John 4b)
Miracles  (John 6a)
Miracles  (Luke 4b)
Miracles  (Mark 5b)
Miraculous Feeding  (Mark 6b)
Parables  (Mark 4b)
Paving the Way  (Mark 1a)
Peter’s Dilemma  (Mark 14c)
Power-Real  (John 11a)
Prayer and Fasting  (Matthew 6a)
Rejection  (Luke 4a)
Religion-Useless  (Matthew 9a)
Religion-Useless  (Mark 2)
Religious Phonies  (Mark 3)
Sermon on the Mount  (Luke 6b)
Sermon on the Mount  (Matthew 5b)
Sermon on the Mount  (Matthew 6a)
Sermon on the Mount  (Matthew 6b)
Short Sermon  (John 6c)
Sower  (Mark 4a)
Spirit Led  (John 16)
Talent-Wasted  (Matthew 25a)
Tenancy  (Matthew 21b)
Wisdom is on the Right  (Matthew 25b)
Witnessing  (John 4a)

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