From the HISTORY

Achan’s Sin  (Joshua 7a)
Achan’s Sin  (Joshua 7b)
  (Ruth 1)
America and Liberalism  (2nd Chronicles 19)
America and God  (2nd Chronicles 15)
America Astray  (2nd Chronicles 25)
America Looted  (Ezra 9)
Ark Adventures  (1st Samuel 4)
Ark Adventures  (1st Samuel 5)
Ark Adventures  (1st Samuel 6)
Ark Adventures  (2nd Samuel 6)
Ark Adventures  (1st Chronicles 15)
Ark Adventures  (2nd Chronicles 5)
Ark Adventures  (2nd Chronicles 6a)
Assyria Taken  (2nd Kings 19b)
Battles – Ai  (Joshua 8a)
Battles – Ai  (Joshua 8b)
Battles – David  (2nd Samuel 8)
Battles – Jericho  (Joshua 6)
Beauty Contest  (Esther 2)
Bureaucrats  (1st Kings 4)

Choice  (Joshua 24a)
Circumcision  (Joshua 5)
Clueless Mob  (Ezra 4)
Clueless Mob  (Ezra 5)
Consolidation  (2nd Samuel 5)
David’s Chastisement  (2nd Samuel 12a)
David’s Compassion  (2nd Samuel 9)
David’s Lineage  (Ruth 4)
Deception  (Joshua 9)
Ezra’s Temple  (Ezra 6)
Gates of Prophecy  (Nehemiah 3a)
Gates of Prophecy  (Nehemiah 3b)
Genealogy  (1st Chronicles 2)
Genealogy  (1st Chronicles 8)
God’s Call  (1st Samuel 3)
God’s Provision  (Ezra 7)
God’s Way  (1st Chronicles 28)
Godless Enemies  (Esther 3)
Godly Citizens  (1st Kings 18a)
Godly Insight  (Nehemiah 2)
Good Choices  (Ezra 10a)
Great Leader  (1st Chronicles 29b)
Hebrew Names  (1st Chronicles 4)
Honest-to-God Christians  (Nehemiah 6)
Honest-to-God Christians  (Ruth 2)
Honest-to-God Christians  (Ruth 3)
Hypocrisy  (2nd Samuel 12a)
Integrity  (Judges 9b)
Islamic-Seeds  (1st Samuel 17a)
Israel United  (1st Chronicles 11a)
Jerusalem Tragedies  (2nd Chronicles 12)
Jordan Crossed  (Joshua 3)
Jordan Crossed  (Joshua 4)
Judge Deborah  (Judges 4)
Judge Deborah  (Judges 5)
Judge Gideon  (Judges 6a)
Judge Gideon  (Judges 6b)
Judge Gideon  (Judges 7)
Judge Gideon  (Judges 8a)
Judge Gideon  (Judges 8b)
Judge Samson  (Judges 15)
Judgement  (2nd Kings 1)
King Anointed  (1st Samuel 9)
King Anointed  (1st Samuel 10)
King Jehu  (2nd Kings 9a)
King Jehu  (2nd Kings 9b)

King Requested  (1st Samuel 8)
Kings of Judah  (2nd Kings 8a)
Leadership-Clueless  (2nd Chronicles 10)
Leadership-Clueless  (2nd Chronicles 11)
Leadership-Elite  (1st Samuel 12)
Leadership-Evil  (Judges 9a)
Leadership-Evil  (Judges 9b)
Leadership-Evil  (1st Kings 21)
Leadership-Godly  (2nd Kings 19a)
Leadership-Godly  (2nd Chronicles 24)
Leadership-Honest-to-God  (1st Chronicles 17)
Leadership-Instruction  (2nd Samuel 19a)
Leprosy Healed  (2nd Kings 5)
Liberalism   (Nehemiah 4)
Liberalism  (Nehemiah 5)
Loyalty  (1st Kings 2b)
Man of God  (Nehemiah 13b)
Modesty  (Esther 1)
Multiculturalism  (2nd Kings 17b)
Power Struggles  (2nd Samuel 3a)
Power Struggles  (2nd Samuel 3b)
Prayers – David  (2nd Samuel 7)
Religion Challenged  (1st Kings 18b)
Return Genealogies  (Ezra 2)
Revival  (2nd Kings 23a)
Revival  (2nd Chronicles 19)
Revival  (2nd Chronicles 31)
Revival  (Nehemiah 9a)
Rewards  (Esther 6)
Royal Lineage  (1st Chronicles 3)
Samuel  (1st Samuel 12)
Solomon Answered  (1st Kings 9)
Solomon Answered  (2nd Chronicles 7)
Solomon’s Prayer  (1st Kings 8b)

Solomon’s Prayer  (2nd Chronicles 6a)
Solomon’s Prayer  (2nd Chronicles 6b)
Solomon’s Temple  (1st Kings 6a)
Solomon’s Temple  (1st Kings 6b)
Solomon’s Temple  (1st Kings 7a)
Solomon’s Temple  (1st Kings 7b)
Solomon’s Temple  (1st Kings 8c)
Solomon’s Temple  (2nd Chronicles 2)
Solomon’s Temple  (2nd Chronicles 3)
Solomon’s Temple  (2nd Chronicles 4)
Solomon’s Ways  (2nd Chronicles 8)
Solomon’s Ways  (2nd Chronicles 9)
Spies  (Joshua 2)
Spiritual Warfare  (2nd Kings 6a)
Success Preparation  (Joshua 1)
Success Preparation  (Esther 4)
Succession Conflicts  (1st Kings 1a)
Succession Conflicts  (1st Kings 1b)
Temples  (1st Kings 8a)
Ten Tribes Taken  (2nd Kings 17a)
Timely Miracle  (2nd Kings 20)
Tough Decisions  (2nd Samuel 21)
Trans-Jordan Tribes  (1st Chronicles 5)
Truth Wins  (Judges 9a)
Twelve  (1st Chronicles 25)
Ungodly Alliances  (2nd Kings 3)
Vengeance  (2nd Samuel 4)
War is Senseless  (2nd Samuel 2b)
Widow’s Oil  (2nd Kings 4a)
Wisdom  (1st Kings 3)
Wisdom  (2nd Chronicles 1)
Wisdom and Wealth  (1st Kings 10)

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